ALANA - Here Come the Warm Jets (Eno Cover)

Animate OPEN: Digitalis Audience Vote

There is going to be a new video and track to download from ALANA very soon!

In the meantime please head across to and vote for Joe Hardy’s animation “Cassette Tape: Side A” to win the Audience Award!

Thank You! Thank You!

Recording bells this afternoon

Recording bells this afternoon

DiS: Drowned in Nottingham #3

Great to get mentioned on Drowned in Sound today:

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Thanks to everyone that has listened to and bought the EP this week.  Expect new treats soon!

Alana - Doom Wop EP

The Doom Wop EP is out now! All proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Tsunami Appeal. x

ALANA - Sukiyaki (Ue O Muite Arukou, 上を向いて歩こう)

A lonely edamame bean wanders the street and sings a song of lost love.

Buy the Doom Wop EP here
or iTunes
Any profit will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Tsunami Appeal

Drawn, Edited & Animated by Joe Hardy
EGB7 Design Studio

Performed by ALANA
Joe Hardy
Mami Kim
Andrew Wright

Written by Rokusuke Ei & Hachidai Nakamura
Published by Beechwood Music Corp. (BMI)

Tags: Alana

Tags: Alana